Marbella Hair Salon

Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions for Los Gatos & San JoseMarbella Salon has been bringing the beauty of hair extensions to the Los Gatos and San Jose area for years.  For those that love the look of long hair and/or full hair but simply don’t have the natural hair to achieve the look can be helped by hair extensions.  Marbella only uses quality human hair (not synthetic or fake hair) which is then bonded to your own hair.  Like your normal hair it can be washed, curled, blow dried and straightened.  Its also available in a large variety of colors to match your existing hair or add some fun color to your style.

Hair Extensions from Marbella offer:

  • Tape wefts that are safely taped to ones own hair
  • Various lengths 10 inches to 22 inches
  • Can be used to add length or fullness or volume or all three
  • Variety of colors to match own color perfectly
  • Rooted colors, ombré colors, highlighted colors to blend to all hair styles
  • Fun (blue, purple, pink, red) to add a pop of color
  • 8-10 weeks for fullness
  • Can be washed, curled & straightened as it is real hair

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